What: Wine Maker’s Dinner Series – Lightfoot & Wolfville

Enjoy the “fruits” of summer, here in the Annapolis Valley. Spend your time tasting and sipping carefully curated pairings crafted by Chef Chris Pyne, and our favourite Annapolis Valley wineries. All while learning from the Wine Makers, whose creation you’re enjoying.

Annapolis Valley has long been home to generations of hardworking cultivators of the land. Our growing wine region is a testament to this culture. Over the next four months, we have teamed up with four of our favourite wineries to bring you a fun and educational dinner series – Wine Maker’s Dinner.

Where we work with each winery individually, to select 5 of their favourite wines. Chef Chris spends time reviewing these featured vinos, and creates perfectly paired dishes for each.

Where:  Founders House Dining & Drinks

When:  August 18th, 2021 at 6:30pm Lightfoot & Wolfville


Smoked Rainbow Trout

Smoked bacon lobster crumb, oyster aioli, cucumber, kohlrabi

Paired with: 2015 Brut


Fleur de Montes, peach, culatello

Paired with: 2020 Terroir Scheurebe

Snow Crab Cannelloni

Herb salad, verjus cream sauce

Paired with: 2017 Ancienne Chardonnay


Confit leg, truffle grilled cheese, red wine glazed mushroom, white onion puree, red wine jus,

Paired with: 2020 Terroir Gamay Noir

Electric Blue Cheesecake

Roast plums, ginger sorbet

Paired with: 2016 Terroir Vidal Ice Wine

Price: $160 per person +hst [15%] + gratuity [18%]

Seats are sold as either tables of 2 or 4, if your group is larger than 4 please call us directly to arrange a table, 902.532.0333.

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