Founders House Dining & Drinks

Our Menu

Our menu at Founders House Dining & Drinks is a work of art and we are so happy to share with you the best our local area has to offer! We’re blessed with culinary experts on our consulting team and in our kitchen, but most importantly, we’re blessed with local suppliers who care just as much about delivering good food to you as we do. Our current menu is available below… but remember, the menu will also be seasonal to showcase the best and freshest of what Nova Scotia has to offer and we’ll keep it updated as things change.

Serving dinner weekly on Friday & Saturday evenings.
Seating times available between 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

Do you have a dietary restriction?

We can accommodate a variety of allergies and dietary restrictions, we do ask that you please ensure we are aware of your restriction and its severity when making your reservation.

Due to the use of rich dairy products it may not always be possible for us to offer a vegan or dairy free menu. Please be sure to let us know 48 hours in advance of your arrival to allow our kitchen team preparation time.

We want you to feel welcome and comfortable when visiting us.

Quiet Nova Scotian music playing in the background and fragrant aromas drifting from the kitchen will fill your senses while you sip on a local creation from behind our bar…it truly is elevated rural dining – rooted in sea and soil.